We are The Trend Connection

- We are an agency dedicated to create turnkey online boutiques for influencers -
We create a new distribution network for fashion brands.

The service Trend Connection offers a premium experience all along the purchase process. As an Influencer, we create your own eshop. You have nothing to do, except selecting brands and products you love and want to promote. It is a new way to monetize your blog. Brand designers have the opportunity to talk directly to their target market by being distributed in influencers eshops matching with their brand DNA. For customers it is a better experience as they will be able to purchase directly in their influencers shop. No redirection. The Trend Connection work as a virtuous cycle.

  • Your are a brand ?

    Join us to be distributed by influencers who will promote and sell your brand to their audience.


    Affiliation and advertising are not the only ways to make money from your audience. Join us to build better partnerships with your favorite brands.

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The Team

We are two passionates, two specialists. Associating our knowledges, we can offer added value to influencers, allowing them to create their own e-shop, but also to brands, and final users.
Charlotte PÉNIDE
I am a fashion designer and I am working in the fashion industry for more thant 10 years. With Blondifox, I started to realise that influencers could help me a lot. Wearing my clothes, they can give legitimacy to my brand and make sure that my clothes are seen by many potential customers.
Expert in digital marketing, Jules is the founder of Mozoo Mobile group. « Digital is changing everything. This offer is an opportunity for influencers, and brand to find a better way to work together and offer better user experience.»